Workshops and keeping busy at home !

Some of our members have been particularly busy and Liz has been very productive. Here are some of her latest makes, weaving and spinning.

Just a small section of a beautiful length of fabric woven on a Saori loom. Sadly the photograph does not do justice to this lovely piece of work.

A lovely cosy jumper knitted from handspun yarn. The side patterning adds an interesting touch

More Saori weaving

Beautiful handspun shawl

Sandra made this blanket from a 7.5 metre length woven on a rigid heddle loom. This was then split into three and joined to make a good sized piece for winter warmth.

Magic Ball Workshop

The guild is trying to keep things fresh by running some zoom workshops for the members. The first held recently was to use a special knot to create a Magic Ball of yarn from all the myriad of odds and ends we all have in our stash. Hilary has used her magic ball to knit this tea cosy. So cool and retro! There will be more photos as the projects are completed.

Lindsey used her magic ball to knit this lovely dog blanket

… and Christine really showed what you can do with lots of bits and pieces and created this really pretty scarf

Combo Workshop

Christine ran a workshop where members combined some of their tops at random

Sue Harris produced this lovely bag with the results of her spinning

Slow Stitch Workshop

Trudi ran a workshop on slow stitching. It was a great opportunity for us all to use up those bits and bobs we have accumulated over the years.

Work in progress

Anna used lovely colour combinations along with embroidery for her piece.

Sandra used some old weaving scraps and some eco dyeing done at a retreat just before the first lockdown.

A Weaving Challenge

Christine decided to challenge herself practising overshot on her table loom. The two red table mats are woven in a honeysuckle motif. The first is “treadled” star fashion and the second rose fashion. The next is a piece of sampling with different wefts and treadlings. The final piece is a piece of her own design. Brilliant and the result of a lot of hard work and patience.

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