Here is a little selection of recent makes and challenges.

Tapestry Challenge

A long, long time ago in a land free from Covid the guild had a regular tapestry challenge! Anyway the final subject before the first lockdown was Stained Glass and one or two members produced a piece and so a year on here we are…..

Anna used a lily pond as her inspiration for the stained glass challenge. Wven in linen using a inlay technique and details have been hand stitched with embroidery silks. She tried to suggest the water ripples by using a deliberately loose beat and warp sett.

A Weaving Challenge

Christine decided to challenge herself practising overshot on her table loom. The two red table mats are woven in a honeysuckle motif. The first is “treadled” star fashion and the second rose fashion. The next is a piece of sampling with different wefts and treadlings. The final piece is a piece of her own design. Brilliant and the result of a lot of hard work and patience.

Magic Ball Workshop

The guild is trying to keep things fresh by running some zoom workshops for the members. The first held recently was to use a special knot to create a Magic Ball of yarn from all the myriad of odds and ends we all have in our stash.

Hilary has used her magic ball to knit this tea cosy. So cool and retro! There will be more photos as the projects are completed.

…and Lindsey has knitted a dog blanket from her magic ball, one lucky dog, those colours are great!

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